Curry Ketchup Fire

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  • RICH and AUTHENTIC but it comes with the heat of Indian chilis. Chiefly made with only the juiciest organic tomatoes, onions, and high-quality oils and topped with a mild boost of special spices to create a fruity tomato flavor with a little acidity, mild tang, and it's not overly sweet. We challenge you to show us a foodie who wouldn’t love this Ketchup Sauce! The explosive spicy hot in taste in your mouth will knock you out!
  • All NATURAL: While most curry ketchup relies on synthetic chemicals for taste, this Kitchen up is made using all-natural, high-quality, organic vegetables, and oils. All the spices are organic, fair trade, and imported from the middle east. No Preservatives, Corn Syrup or Artificial Additives
  • GERMAN STREET RECIPE: This curry ketchup bottle is handcrafted by Chef Michael who drew is an inspiration from Food Network Star Guy Fieri after he prepared this masterpiece ketchup on the Food Network Show Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives and Guy challenged him to bottle it. He then added a modern twist and bottled 2 rich flavors that work as wonderful condiments for your delicacies.
  • BRING LIFE TO YOUR FOODS and RECIPES: This Gourmet ketchup offers a milder spiced boost to compliment your favorite dishes such as burgers, fries, chicken, shrimp, steak and all those foods that foods and recipes that work well with curry ketchup.